I'm Joanne, an Intuitive Fertility Coach
& Spirit Baby Guide

I'm passionate about supporting you, and know how all consuming trying to conceive can be. Doctors told me that I had less than 5% chance of conceiving. After initially feeling defeated, I embarked on
a healing journey that helped release my buried beliefs, awoke
my intuitive gifts, and a love of connecting with spirit babies (your
baby-to-be) in spiritual form.

Whether we connect remotely for a one-to-one coaching call, or you visit for an intuitive womb massage in Kent, I will guide you out of the 'wanting' mind and down into the 'welcoming' space of the heart.
It's from there I believe you can receive answers, and regain a sense of calm.

No matter where you are on your journey; from the early months, miscarriage, IVF, birth loss, donor or adoption, my sessions are a safe, loving space for you to heal and connect with your future child.

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You're not alone.

Intuitive support can make a difference.  

There have been ups and downs in my journey. Sessions with Joanne helped me to feel calmer, stronger and supported. Especially the visualisation techniques which I find to be useful, when I am having a down moment. I highly recommend Joanne. Nobody has to do this alone.

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