Is trying to conceive all you can think about?

Receive mental, emotional, spiritual and physical support. 



I'm Joanne, an intuitive fertility healer, womb massage therapist & spirit baby guide. 

I'm passionate about awakening mummies-to-be to conscious conception. 


I remember just how consuming trying to conceive can be! 


Doctors gave me just 5% chance of conception. After initially feeling defeated, I embarked on a healing journey that helped release my buried beliefs, awoke my intuitive gifts, and a love of connecting with spirit babies (your baby-to-be) in spiritual form. 

No matter where you are on your journey; I will bring you out of the 'wanting' mind and down into the 'welcoming' space of your heart. Its from there you can find clarity and a sense of calm.

I look forward to us birthing your little one consciously. Heart hugs.x


conscious conception offerings

one-to-one healing

Mummy-to-be, this

one-to-one healing session is specifically tailored to your needs in this 'now' moment.


Guided by Spirit, and intuition, we will shine light on any buried fears, find clarity, and a sense of calm which lies within your heart. Once clear, we'll make a connection to your spirit baby.


Many find the session reassuring, and peaceful. Please make sure you are somewhere quiet to receive.


Energetic exchange; £66



Intuitive Womb Massage

Ready to awaken the divine feminine within you?
Fallen out of love with your womb? 

This intuitively guided massage holds space for you to share and receive a physical release across your shoulders, back, sacrum, abdomen and womb, so you can reconnect and relove the body in which your soul lives, and become reunited to your sacred, powerful womb. 

No matter where you are on on your journey, or how old you are, this massage is beneficial for all women.


Energetic exchange; £80   

intuitive healing

It's easy to enter motherhood, something you have always dreamt off and then

feel lost! 

Your identity becomes challenged, and you forget to look after yourself.


Guided by Spirit, and my intuition, receive an abundance of love, energetic healing, and let it be a safe space for you to speak your truth. There's no need to feel guilty for reaching out for support. You are worthy of this time that we will have together, and will feel grateful for saying yes .  



Energetic exchange; £66   


Joanne is lovely, empathetic, and empowering. After my treatment I felt like a different person.


A happier, more liberated self. I could physically and spiritually fell the power of my womb and my being.


I can't believe how powerful the therapy is

— Joanna H, Kent
Intuitive massage 

Joanne has a wonderfully warm and gentle approach to healing sessions that made me instantly safe to open up.

She has a fantastic way of teasing out information that really allows you to examine your inner depths

— Clare S, Manchester
Remote one-to-one

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Let's concept your dreams together


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Make this your own.

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Make this your own.

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Intuitive one-to-one healing

Make this your own.

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Make this your own.

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Make this your own.

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