Conscious Conception Begins Here

Image by Jannes Jacobs

Joanne put me at ease from the start. It was unlike any other massage I’ve ever had before –
a really unique experience.
At one point I was swaddled in comforting blankets. In a cocoon-like state. Then when I was unwrapped I felt like I’d been reborn! The whole thing was really nurturing and special. I highly recommend Joanne for her massage.

Kate Hertfordshire
Intuitive Womb Massage

Image by Brooke Cagle

Joanne was part of our IVF journey from day one. She's been instrumental in grounding me in the present and keeping me calm whenever stressful, negative thoughts creeped in. I came away from each session more focussed and at peace with myself.
At the end of last year we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world. I'm so grateful for Joanne's guidance and support throughout.

Cassandra. London
1-2-1 Intuitive Coaching

Image by Gian Cescon

Thank you so much Joanne. I feel my connection with my little one is even stronger now.

Desi. Sdyney. 
1-2-1 Intuitive Coaching

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