Let's consciously birth &
unlock your full potential 

Intuitive Fertility Coaching  

Guided by spirit, and my intuition, I'll bring you out of the 'wanting' mind, and down into the 'welcoming' space of your heart. It's from here you'll find clarity and calm. Together, we will shine a light on any energetic traumas, fears or limiting beliefs which are no longer serving you. By revealing, and releasing these buried beliefs it can help to lift your mood, and raise your vibrations so that you can become an energetic match for your spirit baby (your future baby-to-be.) Spirit babies can energetically hang around their future parents months or years before conception. They are keen communicators, if we are open to listening.  

If doctor's appointments and negative results are leaving you feeling unworthy, full of anguish and lost, together we will witness, love and release them. 


Learning to mother yourself is the greatest gift you can give to your soul when walking a fertility journey. All my mummies-to-be have reported feeling a sense of reconnection to themselves, and their womb after each session. 


No matter what's happening for you, you're worthy of reawakening the love within, and consciously connecting to your baby-to-be.

Sessions held remotely, from the comfort of your home. 

Initial session +60mins, £70.


'Heart bundles' available after initial session. 

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Womb massage

Intuitively led Womb Massage

"The womb is not a place to hold fear. It's a place to create, and birth new life." 


Guided by spirit, and my intuition, this transformative massage begins by me holding space for you to share your journey so far. Taking your time to release all that's no longer serving you from the mental body.

Then you'll receive a gentle, non invasive, yet deeply moving therapy that works by bringing the organs, pelvic and abdominal areas into alignment. By releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments. 


The massage holds divine benefits for ALL women. It aims to support;

  • Overall female health system, especially in balancing & regulating the cycle and easing menstrual difficulties.

  • Prepare the body for conception and pregnancy, both natural and assisted pathways. 

  • For women who feel a disconnection or imbalance in her womb/body health.

  • Women who are ready to release past trauma, by bringing everything back to its natural state within the pelvic bowl, and promoting healthy hormone flow.

  • Relieve stress arising from the digestive tract and stomach (where a large part of the immune system resides), encouraging healthy flow and elimination.

  • New mother's, 6 months post birth, it can help to regain internal and mental balance postpartum.


Womb massage nourishes your mind, body and soul. It truly is a magical massage, one which I really look forward to you receiving. 

Location Sevenoaks, Kent. 

90+ mins. £85

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Intuitive Mothering Sessions

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience, one I wish all my new mummies-to-be to experience. However, it's also very overwhelming and it's common for new mothers, or even experienced mothers, to feel lost, and struggle mentally.


Finding time to take care your needs can quickly become forgotten and you may feel like you've lost a sense of identity.  


If this resonates, then let me hold your hand. Together, I'll bring you out the exhausted 'doing' mind, and down into the 'welcoming' space of your heart, because it's from here you can remember your true essence. 


Guided by spirit, and my intuition, let's shine a light on what needs to be cleared, so we can bring you back to out of the darkness and into the light. 


This remote healing session is a beautiful gift not only for your soul, but for your family's too. 

Together let's reclaim your spark.

60mins - £66

motherhood healing

Let's concept your dreams together

Thank you, heart hugs x