I'm Joanne, an intuitive energy healer, womb therapist & spirit baby guide.


I'm passionate about bringing you out of the 'wanting' mind, and into the 'welcoming' space of the heart. 


Because it's from there, you can find a sense of calm, reconnection to your womb & spirit baby (your future baby). 


No matter where you are on your journey; from early months, miscarriage, IVF, donor or adoption, my healing sessions are a safe, loving space for you to heal. 

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find out what my mummies-to-be, say.. 

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Katie London

Our one-to-one sessions together have been amazing. Joanne brings warmth, compassion, empathy and intuition. She has really helped me to channel away the negative feelings around infertility. After each session I feel empowered and energised. 


Joanne took away all of my fears and unblocked the trauma that I was holding onto from my previous childbirth - some of which I wasn’t even aware was there until working with her. In our one-to-one's she focused my emotions onto the right path and gave me the calmness I needed and the positivity and hope. Within 2 months of working with her I fell pregnant. Joanne has a wonderful compassion and is naturally intuitive. 9 months later I’m holding a beautiful baby boy. 

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J.Hawkins. Kent

I cannot recommend Joanne and her treatments high enough. Joanne is intuitive, empathetic, nurturing and empowering. After her Womb Massage I felt like a different person. A happier, more centred and liberated self.  

Heart Hugs. Joanne x