Mother and Baby


I came across Joanne at a time in my life when I was feeling quite hopeless and exhausted. I felt that I needed some help in making me feel more in control and I was immediately drawn to Joanne's lovely energy. I had a few sessions with Joanne and she is quite simply wonderful. She is so empathetic and intuitive and really helped me to believe in my own intuition and guidance at a time when I was feeling very lost. Joanne has a gentle energy which is very healing in itself and I would highly recommend a session with her.


Now, I can't believe that I'm holding my baby boy, who I so clearly felt in my sessions with Joanne. 

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I was looking for someone who could help with the mindset side of fertility which led me to Joanne.  Our sessions together have been amazing.  She brings warmth, compassion, empathy and understanding and she has really helped me to channel away the negative feelings around infertility. After our sessions I feel empowered and energised. I’ve been putting her tips into practice and I feel like I have overcome a lot with her help. She is a beautiful human being. 


I cannot recommend her enough!

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I've had the pleasure of receiving 2 womb massages from Joanne. The first was an opportunity to get myself into the right headspace to welcome another baby after a difficult 12 months. Joanne was incredibly warm and easy to open up to, and I felt she very quickly understood me. The massage itself was delightful and I left in a lovely bubble of relaxation.


Several months later my husband and I felt ready, so I returned for a second massage, which was again a wonderful and surprisingly spiritual experience. I had a very strong visualisation of a golden light and Jo had a vision of a pink rose and strong sense of a female presence. I was delighted to discover a few weeks later that I was expecting, and at my 20-week scan that the baby was indeed a little girl.


The vision which I received got me through some pregnancy complications and even inspired her name.

Thank you, Joanne, for helping me find the heart space I needed, and for giving me the confidence to believe that this baby was meant to make us a family of five.