My personal journey to
supporting you

For four years, all I thought about was 'I want a baby.' It consumed every waking moment.

Doctors informed me that I had a low egg count, and just 5% chance of conceiving naturally. We were told egg donation was our best option. I was completely devastated, and mentally drained. However, this didn't stop me from doing everything I could to improve my egg quality and several rounds of unsuccessful IVF. 

One day, to my utter surprise my best friend offered to be our egg donor, she saw the desperation etched over my face. We were about to proceed, until one evening I heard an Intuitive Healer speaking on a Fertility Webinar say; "Listen to your heart. What does it want you to do?" I was gripped. I had never thought about my heart, I was so wrapped up in my head. 

The very next day I stopped everything, all my appointments and the kindest gift. I booked a session with the Intuitive Healer and realised that all my 'wanting' had been in vain. Each 'want' had created an energy block between my head and womb. My heart was shining light on areas in my life that needed to be healed. 

Once these energy blocks had been released, together we tuned into the energy surrounding my body. There sitting in a ball of green light was my 'Spirit Baby', a boy. So, from that day on I decided to believe.

I stopped 'wanting' and started to 'welcome' our future baby to us. 

The daily welcoming mantra was creating a bond with my Spirit Baby. I felt a softness both physically and mentally in my body and to my delight I fell pregnant naturally several months later. A few years later, I could feel the presence of another 'Spirit Baby' around me. This time was different, I believed in my intuition and began to communicate and welcome her. A few months later I became a Mummy-to-two very welcomed children, a boy and girl. 

Unbeknown to me at the time, my fertility journey was purposeful. The Intuitive Healer invited me to join her Intuitive Coaching Course in 2016 and I knew quite quickly, that my passion and soul's purpose was to support other mummies-to-be. My intuitive ability were acting like a bridge for other 'Spirit Babies'. The course taught me to be a clear channel and to receive guidance from my heart. 

In 2019 my intuition was telling me to bring touch into my sessions, so I became a qualified Fertility & Womb Massage Therapist. This massage is perfect for any woman whether she is trying to conceive or not, it helps to reunite you with your body, and womb, a place which often is overlooked.  I personally experienced this massage when I was trying-to-conceive, it helped me love my womb again and that's what all my mummies-to-be feel when they leave my space. Letting my hands and intuition work in harmony is a beautiful gift for myself and any woman.

Whatever is going on for you, I would love to be of support, together lets uncover what may be blocking you from conceiving. It all begins by being in touch - email / FB / Insta / phone. Let me know your journey so far...

Heart Hugs. 

Joanne x

Thank you, Heart hugs. x